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In Boise City Oklahoma, which is located in Cimarron County, all residents who own a licensed vehicle are required to purchase Boise City car insurance. Not only do residents of the state need to purchase coverage prior to registering their vehicle, they must all maintain continuous coverage for financial protection for as long as the vehicle is licensed. Compare car insurance rates now by using our FREE tool above!

Any driver in Boise City must comply with the mandated financial responsibility laws in Oklahoma. If you are not familiar with these financial responsibility laws, read this guide to insurance in Boise City and find out what types of coverage are required, what may happen if you are caught without insurance, and what you will need to start shopping for coverage.

What are the Boise City car insurance requirements?

Auto insurance coverage is required in virtually every state, but each state has their own coverage requirements. If you live in Boise City, you should be familiar with what types of coverage that state officials require drivers to carry before they can satisfy compulsory auto insurance laws.

Knowing why a specific type of coverage is required, how it protects you, and what the limits mean will help you make informed purchases when you build your policy. Here is an explanation of coverage requirements:

  • Bodily Injury Liability: In Oklahoma, all drivers must carry Bodily Injury Liability (BI) coverage. BI will pay for injuries that you or other drivers in your household cause while you are driving a motor vehicle as long as you are deemed at fault for the loss. The policy will not pay for your injuries or the injuries of your family members or passengers. The state mandates that you must carry the following minimum limits: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident
  • Property Damage Liability: Property Damage Liability (PD), is the second category of liability coverage that is required in the state. This coverage will cover the damages that you cause to third-party vehicles and other property that you do not own. It will not pay to repair your own vehicle, your own home or any of the property that you own. You must carry at least $25,000 of coverage, which will apply to each accident and not each vehicle damaged.

Other Types of Coverage You Can Choose to Purchase

It is extremely important to choose adequate limits when you are building a personalized Boise City car insurance policy.

While state minimum liability limits will satisfy the financial responsibility law, choosing to carry these low limits may put you at risk.

It is important to choose sufficient limits so that you are protected if you are found legally responsible for an accident that causes a great amount of damage. In addition to raising your liability limits, here are other coverage options that will protect you and not a third-party.

  • Uninsured Motorist

Car insurance is required all throughout Oklahoma, but there are still residents who choose not to comply with the law. In fact, statistics from the Insurance Research Council show that at least 25.9 percent of drivers in the state are uninsured and that the state ranks number one in the highest number of uninsured drivers.

Uninsured Motorist is a form of protection that will pay for your injuries and your passenger's injuries if you are hit by someone with no insurance or a hit-and-run driver. Contrary to popular belief, your liability policy will not pay for damage sustained by a hit-and-run driver. Because of this, it is important to elect to purchase coverage that will help you recoup when you are the victim in an accident.

  • Medical Payments

Your medical expenses are not automatically reimbursed if you are in an accident. If you are in a not at fault accident, the other party's insurance is responsible for paying for your bills once fault is determined. This can take time, and in the meantime, you must pay for your treatment.

If you are in an at-fault accident, you must pay for your medical expenses out-of-pocket unless you have Medical Payments coverage on your policy.

Having medical payments in Boise City is important, especially with the high rates of uninsured drivers. By purchasing this optional cover, you can seek treatment without worrying about your high deductible or copay and start to recover from your loss.

  • Physical Damage Coverage

The state does not require any resident to carry full coverage on their vehicle because the state has no interest in whether or not your car is repaired following a loss. While the state does not require physical damage, your lender or lessor will if your vehicle is leased or financed. Be sure you know what liability limits and deductibles are acceptable to the lender before binding your insurance.

Physical Damage pays to repair your vehicle, up to fair market value, if it is damaged due to a covered loss. Here is a breakdown of each coverage in this category:

  • Comprehensive

Comprehensive will pay for damage to your vehicle as a result of a fire, theft, vandalism or another peril other than collision. You will be responsible for paying your deductible before the insurer will pay for repairs. Deductibles range between $50 and $1000.

  • Collision

If you are in an at-fault accident, collision coverage pays to repair your vehicle minus the policy deductible. It will also pay when you are hit by an uninsured driver or when you are not at-fault but the other party's insurance is fighting the claim. This coverage is one of the more expensive types to carry, so carrying a higher deductible can help you keep your premiums down. Be sure to choose a deductible that you can reasonably afford before you need to file a claim.

What Happens to Boise City Drivers Who Do Not Have Insurance?

Driving without insurance is a crime, and when you break the law you must pay the price. Penalties for driving without insurance can be monetary in nature or non-monetary. The severity of the penalties depends on the situation itself and your history.

Because there is a legislative code requiring you to carry insurance, being convicted of driving without insurance after being issued a citation is a misdemeanor.

Here is a breakdown of the other penalties you could face:

  1. A fine of up to $250 for your first offense when convicted
  2. Up to 30 days in jail for first-time offenders
  3. Suspension of your Driver License
  4. Suspension of your vehicle registration
  5. Payment of reinstatement fees
  6. Vehicle impound
  7. Requirement to file an SR-22 for a period of 3 years

Obviously, the penalties for driving without insurance are far more expensive than carrying coverage. If you want to avoid penalties, you must buy coverage and comply with the law. Habitual offenders face more serious fines and fees than first-time offenders.

One thing that many people believe is that they must be caught by an officer to be convicted. This is not the case because Oklahoma has an advanced online insurance verification system that all insurers must report to. This system notifies the state when your insurance lapses, so you can be penalized without even being caught Boise City Police.

How You Can Find Affordable Boise City Car Insurance

Finding affordable auto insurance is easier than ever in Boise City. With more and more resources available for consumers to in the city to use, you do not even have to leave your home to find the best auto insurance policy at the best price. If you are interested in finding a policy that you can afford and still offers you protection, you will need to comparison shop and compare the rates through several insurers.

Qualify Boise City Insurers

Not all auto insurance companies, even the ones that are licensed, are created equal. You should take the time to research each company and qualify them before you are comparing price to find the best rate.

Be sure to check the company's financial rating through reliable sources like AM Best, check the company's licensing status through the Department of Insurance, and review the company's complaint index with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

The easiest way to price shop for auto insurance is to use an online rate comparison tool that gives you access to the rates of all of the top-rated companies offering Boise City auto insurance.

Check the company's reputation, review rates, and then make your decision. By doing this, you can build the best car insurance policy at the most competitive price.

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